666 Main Ave. Norwalk, CT 06851

Spicy Chicken Gui

Chicken Breast with Chili sauce

JeYuk Gui

Pork Tenderloin with Chili sauce

Bul Go Ki

Thin Sliced Beef Rib Eye

Kal bi

Beef Short Ribs, Most Popular

Yellow Corvina



(Mild or Spicy)



Jab Chae

$Beef/Chicken/Pork or Vegetable: 18.95 Shrimp: 20.95
stir-fried sweet potato noodle with vegetables

Ojing uh Bokum

sauteed calamari with vegetable, noodle, spicy sauce

JeYuk Kimchi Bukum

sauteed pork with kimchi, tofu, spicy sauce